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At the helm of  Dennis Conner's Stars and Stripes on San Diego Bay

Contemporary Maritime Art



What better a place to start than a

bridge to the past....
Rose was rebuilt as a replica of  the original HMS Rose

that served in the Connecticut Naval Militia.


Several years  ago National Public Radio released a April Fools
piece about Rose being sold to Russel Crowe. She was going to be shipped to Australia and sank into concrete to become a bar!


The painting had just been finished several days before. I thought it only fitting to bring it back into the studio an paint Capt Jack Aubrey on the prow.


  Later, I learned she was sold to a movie studio in

California, see her as S.V. Surprise in
"Masters and Commanders"

From a photo series by Alison Langley

"Yellow Jacket"

"Rounding the Point"


FIFE YACHTS reunion at the Fife Regatta in Scotland

Yacht " Westward" entering a squall line off shore Antigua

S.V. Mariquita


110 feet and very fast in 15 knots but

she requires a master

"SV Brilliant"


Out of Mystic Seaport


Off shore Carolina

Closer to home...."Samual Ryan pullin' tramps" Off the Nubble Light

"Norwegian Rose"

A lap stake from Denmark


Imspired buy the Beatles

We keep a fairly large inventory of originals...this is a starting place and we can send more images...just ask

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