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Several hundred paintings have been done primarily focused on the Pacific Ocean.

Now that we are New Yankees,the focus has shifted back the The Atlantic where my story began


Lost off shore near Boston.

An effort to locate and possibly re float BEAR is being considered


S.V. Edna Watts Seattle

Carried Wyatt Erp and

Robert Service to Alaska.


Steam Tug Seattle and lumber
schooners to the left off loading

logs from the rail head




"Sunday at Three Tree Point"


Accessed only from the bay,

a popular afternoon day trip




 U.S. Constitution on Commencement Bay

on the world battleship tour

Buffalo Soldiers entering Elliot Bay - Seattle

aboard "Queen of the Pacific" escorted by the tug "Tyee"returning from the Spanish- American War.

Queen brought the first one million dollar shipment

of gold from Alaska.


The Cliff House stands guard as the"Queen of the Pacific" Streams  into San Francisco Bay



Steam Boat Point

near Richmond California

The San Francisco wharf - horses and steam donkeys

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